What Are Your User Generated Content Rights?

user generated content rights

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What Are Your User Generated Content Rights?

With more websites being built every day, user generated content is becoming a big buzzword on the Internet. Many websites use this form of content because it can be easily produced, and the process of monetizing such content is also very simple. However, when this form of content is used without the proper authorization, it can put you at a great deal of legal risk.

One way that a website owner can use user-generated content without legal risk is to simply outsource the production of the content to someone else. This means that the work will be taken care of by someone else, so that all the hard work is done for you. The content will still be your creation, but someone else will take credit for it. It is possible to outsource such work to freelance writers, as well as to providers of professional digital art.

Before you begin using user generated content, it is important to have the proper content rights. These rights come down to what the user is allowed to reproduce, edit, adapt, or share. If your content is simply using other people’s ideas and photographs, then these are considered fair use. If your work includes any pictures or graphics, then you need the appropriate model release.

The moment a website user begins using your content, it becomes your responsibility to determine the exact type of user generated content rights you need. The most common ways to do this are by obtaining a copyright license for your work, or having a model release filed with the United States Copyright Office. Other ways to determine if your content requires these rights include getting a written release from the original copyright holder.

A copyright license gives you the right to sell the product. It also gives you the right to use any derivative works of the work in your promotions, in any manner or format that you choose. In short, it gives you the exclusive right to the user’s content in whatever way you see fit. You will need to determine if any of your content may include an image that you hold the copyright to.

Model releases should be filed with the United States Copyright Office. This ensures that your work will be protected legally. Your rights in this area are determined by the Fair Use Clause of the US Copyright Law. When creating content for a website or online portfolio, it is important that you make sure your model releases are consistent throughout your project.

It is also important that you provide your users with enough warning about the potential problems that could arise from their using your content. For example, you may want to provide a notice that certain parts of your website may contain copyrighted materials. More importantly, you need to notify your users that using your material without your permission is not allowed. Many websites that allow user generated content also have policies against theft of media material and/or intellectual property.

There are many reasons as to why user generated content is beneficial to a business. However, you must do your part to ensure your content is correctly handled and noisily copyrighted so that it can stay protected. The bottom line is that you have to play by the ever-changing laws of the internet and educate yourself on all of the legalities and nuances surrounding copyrights. This way, if anything should happen to your content, you will be prepared. And if it happens to your website, then your user generated content can be used legally and you won’t have anything to worry about!