The Best Quality Micro Niche Websites Built for You

The Best Quality Micro Niche Websites Built for You

Micro niche sites are an excellent way for you to build up passive income. Once the initial work of finding the right niche and keywords and building a highly optimized site is done, you just need to do a minimal amount of promotion to see your sites appear on the first page of Google. This is of course, only if you have done the keyword research correctly and optimized your sites the best they can be.

Once you get your sites onto the upper level of Google’s 1st page for your targeted keywords, then you will see regular traffic to your sites. If optimized with Adsense then you should see clicks every day which could mean anything from $1 or $2 a day, all the way up to $10 to $20 a day depending on the traffic levels and CPC you are getting.

Owning a collection of profitable Micro Niche sites is a really solid business model for several different reasons:

  1.  They will bring in regular income month after month
  2.  They are easy to build and rank (when the research and site creation is done correctly)
  3.  Hands free income. Once you have the site built and do a bit of promotion to get it on the first page, you won’t have to touch the site again for a long time, if ever.
  4.  Each and every site is a valuable asset to your business. A website that is making a regular income is very easy to sell, and you can get anything from 10x to 20x your monthly income for a website. So if you have a small Micro Niche site that earns you $100 a month, you can expect to sell that site for anything from $1000 to $2000. See Tips for maximizing your income with Micro Niche sites
  5.  You spread your income across many different sources, rather than having “all your eggs in one basket”.
  6.  You can monetize them with Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, CPA and even lead generation and advertizing space too.

I personally love building Micro Niche sites, and I love the business model too as I know just how lucrative it can be. But I also take great pride in each and every site I build. I ensure that the sites are set up properly, with each page properly optimized so the search engines favor them over poorly optimized sites.

I have found that properly optimized sites will outrank other sites that have poor content and optimization, even if they have a lot more backlinks and superior page rank and domain age. Taking into account on page factors such as keyword density, the use of H1H2 and H3 tags within the post, images with your keyword placed in the alt tag, interlinking pages within the site will give your site a massive advantage over your competitors. Ultimately this will mean less promotional work required by you, and higher rankings in a short space of time.

I use the WordPress platform to build my Micro Niche sites. If you have used WordPress before, you will know that there are thousands upon thousands of different themes to use. It is important to use the right theme for the job, and for me one of the best themes available for building Micro Niche sites is the Clickbump Express premium theme. I liked the theme so much that I bought a developers license and use it for building my clients sites too. The theme itself is highly customizable, plus it is designed to maximize optimization so the search engines love any sites built with this theme.

Content is also a very important aspect in both ranking a website, and reader value too. If you have poor content on your site, your visitors will leave your site quickly, which will affect your bounce rate statistics, which will affect your rankings. If you have good content on your site, that is relevant to your target keyword and provides your visitors with the answers they are looking for then this will ensure you have a lower bounce rate and Google will reward you with higher rankings. That is why I use professional writers to provide quality unique content that again will give you a huge benefit over so many of your competitors.

If you are interested in using Micro Niche sites to build up a solid online income, then I would love to help you achieve that. I offer some of the highest quality sites for the lowest prices, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the sites that I build for you. To check out the different packages I have on offer click here.