SEO Website Design – How Does It Benefit Us?

seo website design

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SEO Website Design – How Does It Benefit Us?

What exactly is SEO website design? SEO website design refers to creating and designing SEO-friendliness websites. An SEO friendly website follows generally accepted SEO best practices, such as providing a fast load time, easy navigation, and easy-to-understand URLs. However, SEO website design matters more than most people realize: It can literally make or break your online campaign. Here are the top reasons why:

Webmasters know that search engines rank web pages according to their traffic. Therefore, it is crucial for a web page’s SEO rankings that it is easy to navigate. With poorly designed websites and pages, visitors might spend less time on them, which would directly affect their search engine rankings. Poor SEO website design hampers this process, which forces webmasters to hire in-house web designers and programmers to create “builder” sites which can compete with those of highly experienced SEO pros. In short, poorly designed web pages are frustrating visitors and hurt overall SEO rankings.

When an SEO expert works on a website design, he is crafting the site to make it user-friendly. He focuses on making it as easy as possible for a user to navigate through it. He does this by reducing the number of clicks needed to get from one page to the next. Less clicks equates to less time spent browsing, which equates to less time viewing ads and purchasing products and services.

In addition to making it easier for users to navigate, SEO website design also focuses on making it as clear and understandable as possible. When a visitor arrives at a site, it should be clear what he/she is looking at. Search engine algorithms are primarily based on the usability of a page. This means that a webpage needs to be clear, clean and concise to be taken seriously by the search engines. If it doesn’t read well or is loaded with irrelevant or old information, the rankings won’t improve.

Another important element to a SEO website design is the use of descriptive rules. These are hyperlinks that give a person looking at a webpage a quick idea of what it contains without requiring him to click through to another page. The major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN all place a high importance on content in terms of ranking a page, so giving visitors a quick indication of what they will find if they click on a link to one of these descriptive urls will greatly improve search engine rankings.

Webmasters who employ the use of these user experience best practices may find that their pages rank higher than competitors whose pages do not use these best practices. It’s no secret that the best practice for search engines is to provide search engine users with a clear navigation path from one page to the next. But although Google is increasingly listing these links, they still don’t have the power to do anything about them, so it is up to the user to provide this structure. So user experience design and SEO website design go hand in hand.

Although internal links are great for improving the ranking of individual pages, they can cause problems if they are placed at the wrong places. Search engines usually want websites to appear at the top of the results. So if a website designer places an internal link at the very bottom of a page, it will not only cause confusion for the visitors but will also greatly decrease the amount of traffic that comes to that site. In fact, it has been proven that if a website’s internal link is located at the very bottom, visitors will leave more quickly and more frequently than they would if the link was placed at a more prominent place. So user experience best practices suggest placing the internal links at places where the visitor will see them. If a visitor comes to a page but doesn’t find what he or she was looking for right away, it is much more likely that they will find it some time later, or that they will click on a different link to find what they were looking for.

The other way that SEO website design can benefit from internal links is to improve the visibility of the most important sections of the websites. All search engines look at the home page of the websites that they list and rank them according to relevance. If an important section of the home page isn’t included on the home page, the search engine results pages for that website will not include any of the information that is important to the visitor. To make sure that the most important information is included on the search engine results pages, it is often necessary to place relevant keywords in the text that is on these websites.