How To Create A Landing Page For Your Site

If you are looking to start a new online business then the chances are you will want to learn more about free website builder tools. There are many benefits of these tools but there are also many disadvantages as well. Many of us have seen free website templates that have little to no content and do not deliver on their promises of creating an amazing looking website. Some of them even require you to download and install additional plug-ins and other add-ons which may not be beneficial to you.

A common pitfall in how to create a landing page for your website is the use of pre-defined graphics and colors. In today’s web world, visual content is becoming more important. Your viewers need to be able to visually “see” what your site is about. This doesn’t just apply to static images, it also applies to video, audio and other types of rich visual content. Not only should your landing pages include photos and graphics, they should also look attractive and easy to read.

Another common pitfall in how to create a landing page for your website is the use of flashing banners or animated images. These types of things can be fun and exciting but they should never be relied upon to build an actual traffic boost to your site. Studies have shown that most people will leave a website quickly if it is filled with flashing banners or graphics. Instead, opt for small, discreet graphic ads that are relevant to your website and that can easily be viewed.

The use of pop-ups is also something to be avoided when you are learning how to create a landing page for your website. While pop-ups are still used in some instances, it is best to avoid them at all costs. These types of ads will grab your visitors attention with little to no useful information being offered in the pop-up itself. People tend to click on pop-ups because they are curious as to what the user will find. They aren’t interested in buying what is displayed, so you will likely lose a potential customer.

You also want to focus heavily on the description of your landing page. Your description will be the most prominent advertisement for your product or service so make it enticing. It is essential that you don’t try to sell anything with your description, just simply give an accurate rundown of what the content on your page offers.

If you are selling a camera, for instance, you would not want to list the camera part of your landing pages. This is true for nearly all items that you wish to sell on a website. People often get lost while browsing through a lot of different landing pages until they find exactly what they are looking for. This is why it is vital that you only focus on one topic on your landing page and stick with it.

The last tip is to make sure that your site is easy to maneuver around. You will want to keep it to one page at most. If you allow people to click off of one page to go to another, it is very unlikely that you will retain any clientele.

Learning how to create a landing page for your site can be time consuming and tiring. In the end though, all of your hard work will pay off. You will have a successful website that will get a lot of traffic. It will help ensure that you have repeat visitors, which is what is really important. The key is to find a landing page that is interesting and current. Don’t sell your products in your bio or in your title.