How to Become an SEO Specialist – Top 3 Strategies to Build Brand Awareness

Becoming an SEO specialist doesn’t require rocket science but the rewards are definitely worthwhile. It’s not uncommon to make six figures a year from Google alone. A few people in the know (some of them you already know) work for search engine optimization companies so don’t think you’re going to earn six figures by becoming an SEO yourself. Most people do it part-time and it’s easier than most people believe to make serious money.

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SEO is all about finding unique and powerful keywords that users are searching for. With this power comes a lot more competition on the search engines and it can be hard to rank for the most competitive keywords. What many people don’t understand, though, is how to identify what is a strong user intent and what words a user is typing into their search engine. This is called “digital marketing.” A digital marketing strategy is an integrated approach to internet marketing strategies that takes into account traditional search engine optimization techniques, such as link building and content creation, along with smarter ways to target specific audiences.

One great place to start when you’re thinking about optimizing for a specific audience is on the website. If you have a great landing page or “home” page, then the user has already begun the online transaction. So, if they’re clicking to get to your home page, they’re more apt to stay there, read some of your content and come back to buy. In fact, studies show that half of all new customers will buy from an on-page campaign over a paid one. That just shows how powerful it can be.

Another area to think about is how you conduct audits and how you analyze those audits. The SEO industry is very competitive and the stakes are high for any SEO specialist looking to move up the ladder. By conducting regular audits, you can catch problems so that they can be fixed before they cause major problems for your ranking. For SEO success, regular audits and observations are a must. Performing a search console audit on a weekly basis is a great place to start.

If you want to become an SEO specialist, then you’ve undoubtedly become interested in smart digital marketing strategies. Smart digital marketing (SEM) involves analyzing user intent and understanding where your target market hangs out. By using special software, such as Google Analytics, you can understand where your user is at all times and what they’re doing. Then, using your knowledge and expertise, you can craft a plan of action to bring your site and business to the top of the search engines. With SEM and Search Engine Optimization, you don’t need to know a lot of programming to be successful – just smart digital marketing can help you reach top rank!

On-page SEO includes things like on-site navigation, link building, keyword research, meta tags, content marketing and web analytics. But there’s even more to it than that. On-page and off-page SEO go hand-in-hand to become an SEO specialist. Off-page is all about creating quality content. On-page is the lifeblood of your site because it links to the most important parts of your site (maintenance, design and ranking), but it also helps in generating backlinks and getting organic traffic from quality sources.

Social Media marketing (SMM) is the backbone of all Internet marketing strategies, including becoming an SEO specialist. SMM involves using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, blogs and online communities. A social media profile usually has a bio that explains the person behind it, the business and what they do. When people engage with these profiles, it’s not just a matter of sharing links and stuff, but the interaction becomes something of a relationship, something that builds trust and loyalty that brands people to their brand and shows in search results the quality of the brand.

SEO and SMM are really two sides of the same coin. Search engine optimization is just the first phase and with the correct execution can lead to higher rankings in search engines. On the other hand, SMM requires the same expertise as SEO does, but also calls for a deeper commitment of time, energy and money as well as having the perseverance to change and updating content on the website regularly. So if you are wondering how to become an SEO expert, start with these three strategies.