How Comments Help SEO on WordPress Sites

do comments help seo on wordpress sites

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You may wonder how comments help SEO on WordPress sites, and the answer is “not much.” The comments by default on WordPress sites are SEO-friendly, but there are many other ways you can use them to optimize your site’s search engine rankings. Leaving them on your site increases the volume of relevant content and improves the quality of your content. Here are a few ways that blog commenting can improve your site’s ranking in Google:

The first way to boost your SEO on WordPress sites is to allow your readers to leave comments. The more comments, the better. Make sure you moderate your comments if they’re not in good taste. You should allow your readers to leave comments on your site, and WordPress will use the UGC tag with the content. But remember: Don’t post low-quality comments just for SEO purposes – they’ll be removed or ignored completely.

You should also consider deleting your comments, but don’t delete them if you don’t want them on your site. The WordPress discussion comment system filters out spam bots. Human spammers tend to post with a normal name. Moreover, they may be legitimate blog followers. The only thing they respond to is links to their own websites. This type of person is called a “check-me-out.” Linking back to another website or blog is not necessarily bad SEO, so don’t worry about it if you do link to your own.

It is important to keep the quality of comments high. Low-quality comments can annoy readers and detract from your SEO. So, you should make sure that you moderate your comments and remove any that aren’t worth keeping on your blog. Using a service like DISQUS is better than Facebook, as Facebook’s commenting system is embedded in an iframe and doesn’t affect the word count or user generated keywords.

It is important to note that your comments are filtered by spam bots. Human spammers have an average name and usually don’t have the time to moderate the comments, which helps your SEO. While comments are not the best option for every blog, they can boost the SEO of your site. But remember to filter your comments carefully if you want to avoid spammers. You should make sure that you don’t have any low-quality or spammy ones.

You should also make sure that the quality of the comments on your site is high. It will not be beneficial to your site if you have hundreds of low-quality comments. You should also make sure that the comments you get are of a high-quality. If your blog is filled with spammers, then you can’t expect your website to rank highly in Google. Besides, having fewer positive remarks, less spammy comments can damage your SEO.

Your WordPress site should allow comments. You should allow comments on your blog, and it is an excellent way to increase your site’s SEO rankings. If you do not want spammy comments on your site, you can allow comments only on your main page. Adding the UGC tag to your blog comments will automatically give your site a boost in SEO. By allowing your visitors to comment on your blog, you will also increase your website’s pagerank and improve your user experience.

To avoid spam comments, enable comments on your site. You must allow comments on your blog if you want to get your SEO rankings to improve. The reason is because WordPress automatically uses the UGC tag with blog comments. But spammy comments are in bad taste, and the plugin does not use these tags. This way, your site’s SEO will be boosted by the keyword content on your blog. So, allowing comments is the key to increasing your SEO.

Using the commenting system provided by WordPress can help with SEO. It is recommended to moderate comments to keep the quality high. Don’t let spammy comments ruin your site’s SEO. You should avoid spammy comments because they don’t add any value to your site’s SEO. If you want to promote your blog through your blog, you should enable the comments system. By allowing them, you can increase your SEO.