FAQ – Design , Create , Deliver , Host.


One website with 100 optimize SEO pages/keywords after niche research will cost $2632

Lets calculate your savings

  • SEO Optimize Website           + $500
  • 100 X $20 per article              + $2000
  • Hosting                                       + $120
  • Domain                                      + $12
  • Total of                                       = $2632

With MASSWEB.SITE  You get all this from day one For ONLY $279 click to buy 

Q: Where should I buy my Domain??
A:  We will provide you with expired domain in your niche.
Q: What are the hosting requirements?
A: We provide full hosting solution within price  OR a self-hosted WordPress site, or a WordPress.com site with the Business Plan or higher, running at least version WordPress 5.0 and PHP 7.2.
Q: Can I buy more then one website 
A: We recommended to do so and attack with all your main niche keywords.
Q: Do you offer design as well ?
A: We provide FREE WordPress themes + SEO plugin Install and configured .
Q: Do you offer a free trial?
A: No as our website is deliver ready to go website.
Q: How do I make changes to an existing order?
A: Only after first version of the website is out will be able to provide revision.

FAQ – Order, Shipping, Etc.

Q: How long does it take to ship my order?
A: Orders are usually shipped within 1-3 business days after placing the order.
Q: When will my order arrive?
A: According to the delivery method chosen by you.  You can get a ZIP file to download or Host your new website on our servers.
Q: How do I track my order?
A: You’ll get a confirmation email racking your order.
Q: How do I make changes to an existing order?
A: Only after first version of the website is out will be able to revision

FAQ – About the Company

Q: About the company
A: A general overview that includes the name of the company, year it was founded and its goal. For example: Company was founded in 2019, with a goal to bring better products to every home across the US.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Any method of payments acceptable by you. For example: We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, JCB Discover, Gift Cards, etc.
Q: Where are you located?
Our headquarters are located in Miami, FL,  USA.
Q: How can I contact you?
A: A If you have a question, comment, suggestion or want to reach out for any other reason, you can contact our team at info at massweb.site, +1 95498539852 or through our chat assistant.
Massweb.site Team