Business Website Builder

Business Website Builder

A business Website Builder is a software which enables you to quickly and easily create a professional-looking website with little or no technical skill whatsoever. The software will live on a dedicated web server either on a dedicated server by a hosting service or be incorporated into a VPS (virtual private server) platform. Alternatively, you don’t use your own computer (either laptop or desktop) to run the software to build the website but instead use a web host that provides you with a web space to install the software. The web host is a service provider who provides you with a place on their server which you can use to keep your website files. There are two types of Website Builders: web based and desktop.

A web based business Website Builder needs no special skills to operate. It is basically a basic web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari with a variety of add-ons to customize the user interface according to your requirement. However, this kind of software typically requires paid hosting for updates and security. An advantage of using this method is that it is generally more flexible in terms of design and usability than a self hosted solution.

Desktop Website Builders are primarily designed to be used with Windows operating systems. Although they may appear similar to web browsers, they differ in that they are intended for use with a physical computer. Unlike web browser based builders, desktop builders need to download and install desktop software which enables the software to “talk”” to the hardware on your computer. This means that you can only change the look and feel of your website through the control panel of the hosted solution.

business Website Builder

As with any kind of software

there are certain disadvantages to both desktop and Website Builders. If you use a free hosting company