Advanced Training – How Webinar Marketing Can Benefit You

Advanced Training – How Webinar Marketing Can Benefit You

Did you know that the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) held their seventh SEO Webinars on the subject of SEO in March of this year? I had a fantastic time at the event and enjoyed hearing all the tips, hints, feedback and suggestions about ways to make online marketing work for you. The first day’s training dealt with how to set up your own webinar, a.k.a. “your own stand”. There are a lot of really great SEO webinars out there, so why have yours prepared for an audience of one?

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First and foremost it is convenient and you can be in control of when and where you hold your webinar. There is no pressure from sponsors or place holders to produce sales. You determine when you want to record your webinar. You can control when your sponsors want to pay you for giving them information. This is ideal because your webinar will be more effective if it does not come at the same time as another sales pitch.

Another benefit of having your own webinar is that you do not need a conference room or expensive equipment. Your presentation can be emailed to those who have registered for your webinar. You do not have to provide technical support for everyone who attends your webinar. All the training and information are available on your website or through email after the webinar has ended. This saves you money and reduces the time spent providing support.

You can use these types of webinars for a variety of things. To give your presenters training about SEO techniques, you could run a basic webinar and invite a limited number of people. Then on subsequent dates you can rotate the presentations giving the participants different topics to discuss. This is a terrific way to keep people engaged in the program and it does not require any additional training. You can easily create follow up webinars to introduce a new topic or to offer more training on existing topics.

You can also use your webinar as an opportunity to introduce new SEO training or tools. There are many tools available to help you optimize your website. These tools include free tools and services that provide data analysis and optimization. There are many free online keyword tools that you can use to find out what people are searching for. You can then use these keywords in your webinar to deliver special offers and promotions. You can also add advertising to your webinar to sell products.

If you are looking to train a large number of people, you can run a couple of webinars on the same day. You can give a quick overview of what you learned in your webinar and then follow up with further training once the training has run its course. Or, if you prefer to have people sign up for a course on your website, you can run a webinar and offer it for a price. Many people prefer to pay for training rather than signing up for a course. You will find that the money you make from webinars can be quite a bit higher than the money you would make if you sold someone a course or an ebook.

Many webinars do not need any equipment to record your webinar. It can simply be recorded onto an available disc, or onto a computer that is connected to the Internet. When your webinar is recorded, you will need to transfer the recording onto your computer. You will want to keep a few copies, as you may want to pass on some of the content to past attendees who might need it. Once the recording is transferred onto your computer, you should open up the file in a text editor to ensure that there are no formatting errors. If there are, you will simply have to re-record the webinar and reschedule it.

You can learn a lot about webinar marketing through these advanced training webinars. There are so many ways that you can benefit from this sort of training, as well as so many different ways that you could do it. Your first step should be to find a reliable webinar hosting company and then look for a training program that matches your needs exactly. With a little work, you too can become a professional at webinars.